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6/8/16 - Working on Chokes and Armbars from closed guard and knee mount

6/8/16 - Gi

Double attack position from guard

This week, i am focusing on another cool series from Closed guard. My goal is that once I close my guard, I want it to be not a matter of IF I submit my opponent, but WHEN and HOW. So for this week, I am just trying to get to closed guard first and then work this awesome, but super basic position.

From closed guard, I am using a cross collar and same side sleeve/elbow grip. I am using my grip on the elbow to keep his elbow on top of my hip or on my body. I bite down in the armpit with my opposite side leg, and then using the same side leg as the elbow grip, I am bringing it over their shoulder as if I am setting up an armbar position. From here, my legs and hips control the arm and keep it from escaping, but i still have the head between my legs because I didn't throw my leg over the head to fully commit to the armbar yet. This leaves me with both the armbar and the choke option.

I move my forearm that was gripping the elbow to the side of their face to keep pressure off of me if they choose to stack me. Then from here, if they stack, I grip my 2nd collar grip for the cross collar choke. If they try to posture, I throw my leg to the other side of their head to finish the armbar.

This position is an oldie but a goodie. I'm glad I am revisiting it because I am having a lot of success with it.

The trouble with this technique comes in when they begin to grip fight and prevent me from getting my first cross collar grip. I think I could probably remedy this by breaking their posture with my legs first, then slipping my cross grip in while their head is on my chest.

Knee mount submissions

I have been working knee mount this week too. The difference that I have been using is that instead of grabbing the near collar and near knee, I am gripping the far collar (palm down) and far knee. From here, I let my weight settle, and I am keeping taps on the near collar. When I see space between their near collar and chest, I release the knee grip, and I slide my hand, palm up, underneath my first collar grip arm. I slide 4 fingers inside the near collar, drop down to a tight side control, and finish the cross choke from side control.

I have also been working the spinning armbar from knee on belly. When they push on my knee with their far arm, I release the knee grip, slide that hand between their body and far arm, cup the tricep, and step and spin around for the far side armbar. Again, I have been having success with this as well. A cool note for this. Ive found that if I move my knee on belly to plant my knee or foot just on the near side of their head, when I spin for the armbar, my leg is already tight to their head and in good position to fall back for the armbar. When I have done this technique in the past, I often find my leg over their chest and have to move it over their head as I fall back. This seems to expedite the technique.

I have a couple more days with these positions and then I move on to more guard stuff next week. I'm hoping that by the end of the month, my guard is twice as dangerous as it was before the month.