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6/3/16 - Lapel Attacks from Guard and Side Control and a slick trick for the RNC.

6/3/16 - Gi

Lapel Attacks From Closed Guard

Boy did I have a great morning of Training. 2 Hours of live rolling (1 hour Gi, and 1 hours Nogi). During my time in the gi, I worked quite a bit on lapel attacks from closed guard. I had mild success with it, but after some thought, I also thought of ways to make it better.

Now bear in mind, I was rolling almost exclusively with Brown and Black belts this morning in the gi, so the fact that I ran into some roadblocks while trying a game that I don't normally play is to be expected. Starting with a cross collar grip, I used my free hand to untuck the gi and feed it over their arm in order to keep their elbow on my body and close to the center of my stomach in order to trap it for an armbar attack. I was unable to attain any armbars this way, but I came close and definitely had them feeling threatened and uncomfortable.

My next move was to move the lapel up toward their head and try to work chokes with it either in front of their neck or behind their neck. I did settle into a specific position twice that I REALLY liked. I fed the lapel behind their head to my other hand. Then I held onto the lapel that was behind their neck with both hands (one hand on either side of the neck), and this did wonders to control their posture. Then I would switch my grip and work one cross grip onto the lapel. Then the other hand would synch a cross grip on the lapel for a cross choke from closed guard. I really liked this series and I want to continue to work it in my training tomorrow.

As a quick note, Brian gave me a lot of trouble when he started grip fighting. This made getting the lapel out of his belt and placed where I wanted it to be placed very difficult. I think if I pull my opponent in close and wrap an overhook to neutralize his ability to grip fight, I could use my overhook hand to pull the lapel out of their belt and get it where it needs to go. ... Something for me to try.

Lapel control from side control

This time, the lapel control was much simpler and I was using my own lapel. I would use my arm closest to their head to wrap around their far arm and grip my own collar to trap the arm. This is obviously nothing new, but I haven't worked it in quite some time and I thought it would be good to revisit this. Once I had the arm trapped with my collar grip, I worked to North/south, stepped up with my foot and placed my free hand on their shoulder. Pressing down on their shoulder and driving off my leg to pull their other shoulder up, I would force them onto their side. Then from here I worked the Kimura and the Armbar. Sweet and Simple. This is something I also want to work during my saturday Gi rolling tomorrow.


In class on Wednesday, Greg showed a cool detail for back control regarding the seatbelt. From the seatbelt position, he showed to shoot your choking arm really deep and pull your other hand shallow so that your grip for the seatbelt control is under their armpit. This made it really tough for them to reach for your grip, and you also feel less threatened by the RNC since the hands aren't near your neck, but I found that this actually made them MORE susceptible to the RNC. Because of how deep you have to put your choking arm, this places your bicep snug against the one side of their neck. All you have to do is wait for their chin to come up a little then, then reach your choking hand up to their shoulder. Now the arm is under the chin, their trachea is in the V if your Elbow, and as long as your get your other arm in place for the lock quickly, it's a done deal. I almost never get RNC's in the gi, but with this adjustment, I got like 3 of them just the other day. I loved it!