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6/22/16 - Backstep Passing, Cross Knee Passing, and leg drags

6/22/16 - working a couple guard passes

In training this morning, I drilled for an hour with ateammate, and I rolled for about an hour. In both the drilling and rolling, I made it a point to work on my backstep passes. Backstep passes aren't something that are regularly part of my game, but I feel like it could be a great tool for catching my opponents off guard. If I were back stepping toward my right, my right hand would grip the collar behind the head, and my left hand would grip their knee away from the side I am backstepping to. I was shoving the knee away thinking this might also prevent the near leg from following. It didn't. Either I need to work more leg dexterity when trying to pull my leg out, or I need to back step further back.
Another thing that might be a way to fix this could be to reach my left hand between my legs (from behind), grip the ankle or gi pants, and extend their near leg instead of their far leg to complete the pass.

cross knee passing

I spoke with one of my training partners after rolling about more competition oriented passes, and he suggested the cross knee pass. A very strong pass, but for some reason it isn't in my usual arsenal. I know it and can do it, but I forget about it. I want to make it a point to drill the cross knee pass next time.
Note* with the cross knee pass, I have a lot more success if I sink my shoulder down super low and tight. If i don't do this, the person is able to establish a knee shield which almost always messed up my cross knee pass and forces me to go to another pass.

leg drag pass

just a quick note to myself, another way to try the leg drag is to just one-handedly swat the leg to the side and try to step in quick. It was shown to me by Andy, and it's worth looking into.