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5/16/16 - working specific techniques

5/16/16 - Trying a more meticulous training regimen

So, My competition this weekend has come and gone. I did well going 2-0 with 2 submissions. That means I get to relax, slow down the pace of my training, and be more focused on technique rather than having to push myself for conditioning.

The other night, I recycles an old idea I had for training, but never really implemented. I'm going to try to be disciplined enough to stick to my training regimen and see what kind of results I get.

I am listing all of the common positions in Jiu Jitsu that I can think of. Then from each position, I am trying to list at least 5 techniques that either have worked well or that I think will work well for my game. (Obviously these techniques could be very different for you. My game isn't your game). Then, once I have at least 5 techniques from each position, I am going to pick 1 technique from each position and try to focus on and hit the 1 technique from that position for a month straight. This should allow me to learn the technique inside and out as well as being forced to find new set ups for the technique as my training partners will quickly get wise to what I am going.

So by doing this, during any given month, (like May for instance) I will have 1 "go to" technique for each position. So no matter what position I find myself in, I will have a specific technique from there that I want to work and refine. For instance, I've decided that this month I want to work omaplata's from open guard (and I also have a different technique if I'm in closed guard). So during all of my open guard work today, I was trying to find different ways to enter into, and then finish the omaplata. I had pretty good success, and each time I hit it, my partner gets saavy to what I'm doing, and it gets a little harder and forces me to be a little craftier to get it the next time.

I would imagine that by doing this, within 4 weeks, my omaplata game should be at another level. I was also working some other techniques for passes, mount transitions, mount submissions, etc, but I happened to spend a lot of time in open guard today, since I can only get out 1 way: the omaplata. I'm excited to see how this develops my game.