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4/8/16 - Working my BJJ for Self Defense and I've got to focus on keeping that DLR hook out, dangit!

4/8/16 - Nogi

Thinking about BJJ for Self Defense

So while training today, I went with one of the MMA fighters on the fight team. He has a fight coming up, and during our rolling session, he began to throw soft stikes at my head and face. At first I didn't address the strikes because, after all, I'm training for strictly sport BJJ. However, as the roll went on and in later rolls with this same fighter, he continued to hit my despite my not choosing to even pay attention to the strikes. I remember at 1 point, one of the punches he threw felt like it was at least with half power. So at this time, I decided, "What the heck, I'll work my BJJ from a self-defense perspective for this round."

When I made the decision to flip the "self defense switch" I was already on bottom and had my partner in my guard. Although, now instead of grabbing ankles, I reached 1 arm around his neck to control his posture and I used my free arm to wrap an overhook around his arm. (These 2 things are huge goalsif you are trying to defend yourself from punches on bottom. You need to control the posture, and the arms of your attacker.)

However, against another skilled fighter, this head control and overhook may not be enough. He began to push off my body and posture up hard. Upon feeling that I was going to lose control of his posture, I transitioned to rubber guard (a fantastic guard when it comes to defending yourself from strikes.)  Since I already head the overhook on his right arm with my left arm, when I intiated rubber guard, this completely took his right arm out of the equation, and my head was too far away from his other arm for him to be able to effectively strike me with anything that might have power behind it.

With him tied up in the position, I was able to use my free leg, (or the inner thigh of my leg rather) to very slowly, inch by inch, over the course of 30 seconds to a minute work his free arm across my body and drive his tricep between my legs exposing the elbow for an armbar. By remaining very calm and patient, I was able to hold the arm there, keep everything tight, and still very slowly work for the armbar. I used my leg to first climb up over his shoulder to keep his arm trapped get my leg in position to be moved around his head. After securing this position with my leg on his shoulder, I kept my left legs pinching very tightly against his tricep, and moved my left just from the knee down while making a slight rotation to throw the leg over his head and secure the armbar.

The real success of all this was that I as able to work from a basic guard position, stay safe from punches, and slowly but calmly and technically climb to an armbar all while completely neutralizing his ability to punch me or deal any damage. Jiu Jitsu for self defense has some very major differences from sport Jiu Jitsu and being able to recognize and apply both of them effectively and when appropriate.

Just a quick note to myself. Dangit, I have got to remember to control my opponent's feet and keep that pesky DLR hook out! I was getting turned dang near all the way around with it today! Grrr!