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4/29/16 - Guillotine success

4/29/16 - Guillotines on point today

My biggest takeaway from training today was trying to guillotine a slightly different way that made it incredibly tight according to one of my training partners. The modification was super simple too, and I'm sure a ton of people already do it.

I normally finish my guillotine chokes with a side crunch (I would try to drive my lat muscle down into the back of their head, as I crunched my shoulder toward my knee and tried to bring the hand of my choking arm up my chest diagonally toward my opposite side shoulder. Pulling my arm up my chest at a diagonal angle would result in my elbow pointing "down" toward my feet, and placing their trachea in the "V" of my elbow. (remember that, because that is a large different from my modification). That's how I used to do my standard guillotines, but in the last couple years, I have been using the "Marcelotine" almost exclusively (bringing the forearm of gripping hand in front of their shoulder and driving my elbow over their back.)

But today, I tried a few standard style guillotine choke with a slight modification. Instead of doing my normal "crunch style" as described above, I gripped my choking arm, straightened my body (but I didn't arch/hyper-extend my body. I more or less "planked"), and I use my choking arm and my gripping arm to bring my choking arm up my chest moving laterally up my body always staying parallel to my shoulders. As I did this, my elbows would flare out as my arms went higher on my chest (elbow flare is similar to how they flare when doing the "upright row" lift). Doing this choke this way resulted in their neck being crushed/choked by blade of my arm / my forearm instead of the "V" of my elbow. My forearm would make contact with their trachea straight on rather than being at an angle. Doing the guillotine this way resulted in much faster and more panicked like taps from my training partner. Doing the guillotine this way seemed to require using more arm strength than the other variation, but I felt as though I could've held on for a while without my arms burning out (but I don't know that for sure yet because it elicited very quick taps).