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4/18/16 - A potential new trick for my RNC, My evalution of my "knees first passing" , and pushing the pace

4/18/16 - Gi

New trick to sink the RNC

I was very excited to stumble upon this little trick during training today. I had the back of a very trough training partner of mine, and last week, I couldn't sink the RNC (Rear Naked Choke) to save my life. Today, I tried something different, and I found some success. I'm only 1 for 1 with it right now, so I'll need to try it several more times to determine whether or not It's going to be regularly successful, but I'm very excited and hopeful for it!

I had the back and seatbelt with my choking arm on the bottom as it's suppose to be. I tried sliding the choking arm into place around his neck, but of course he tucked his chin like everyone always does. So from this position, I just let my choking arm run across his chin, and I still grabbed the opposite side shoulder to set up the choke as though I was already under the chin. Then I took my top hand, I made a fist, I set it against my partner's jaw/cheek, and I used it to push his chin down trying to make him look at the mat (that part may or may not be important, I'm not sure yet. I need to play with it). Once I tried pushing his face to make him look down, I used my fist to dig in the crevice between his cheek/chin and my choking arm. I snaked and wiggled my first between my choking arm and his chin, and then I used it to dig underneath his chin. I was able to use my fist that I snaked underneath his chin to pry his chin up. The entire time I was doing this, I kept my choking arm across his chin / face with that hand anchored on his shoulder. Once I was able to pry his chin up with my fist, my choking arm was already in place to just pull backward and slip underneath his chin and land flush against his neck. From here, the finish was easy!

This seemed like a very powerful tool, but I will have to try it several more times to know for sure.

Trying my new "knees first passing"

unfortunately, this didn't produce the success I was hoping for, and maybe it's because I haven't actually figured out specific techniques to use with it. I was trying this passing style against the same tough training partner that i mentioned above, and while keeping my feet back did, in fact, prevent from being able to grab my ankles, his legs are strong enough that I couldn't keep them pinned with my knees / shins. Also, I realized that once I had my knees and shins in place, I didn't have any real plan of action. I would hold the position for a few seconds unsure of how to proceed, and then he would able to escape his legs and begin working his DLR guard. I was just hoping to find my way around his guard when I had this position, but I need to have a more deliberate game plan from here. I really think there is something to this; I just have to find it.

Pushing the Pace

In training today, I went hard and fast. This felt great for improving my cardio, but once again, pushing the pace landed me in hot water. I found myself in bad positions against training partners that I normally can walk all over. It's not as if I was overwhelmed, but for instance I was in side control and I got caught in that damn triangle as a result of letting my head get too close to their legs. I spent the next 1 or 2 minutes trying to escape from this position. I eventually escape (I don't remember how), but it just solidifies that my hard, fast, scramble Jiu Jitsu game either needs a lot of work, or isn't a game I should pursue. Since I want to continue to compete and one day do so at the highest levels, I am going to go with the former now and say that I just need to work my fast, hard, scramble Jiu Jitsu more until I learn to stay safe and be just as controlling when going at that pace as I am able to do when doing slow, sloth-like old-man Jiu Jitsu.