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2/3/16 - Single Underhook Stack Pass Problem, Same side sleeve and collar control, and head hunting

Wednesday 2/3/16 - Gi

Single Underhook Stack Pass Problem

Last week when training, I spoke with a training partner about his success with the underhook stack passes. He told me that he sets it up by pinning his opponent's knee to the floor and then sliding his shin over the knee to pin it. I used this set up on some newer practitioners and it worked great. However, as I tried doing it to some people who had been training for over a year or so, I felt very off-balance and vulnerable to being swept. I pinned my partner's left knee to the floor using my right hand, and as I tried to slide my right knee over their thigh, they would bump me to my right. With my hand and knee pinning his left thigh down,  I would feel very off balance. In order to keep from being swept, I would have to bring my right hand off the leg to post on the mat before I had his leg secured with my right knee. I eventually got the pass a couple times; however, against a more experienced grappler, it feels as though this is doomed to fail. I need to ask Matt how he counters that and/or play with the position more myself and try some things. Just spitballing hear, but maybe if I pin the foot to the floor first, then slide my knee over, and then work my way up his leg to his thigh, maybe I'll have better luck? I'm really not sure. This is a puzzle I have to solve.


Same side sleeve and collar control

Today, I decided to work the same side sleeve and collar control from my guard. My initial intention was to work the new variation of the scissor sweep that I thought about, trained, and drilled last week; I had some success with it by the way. I had a very theatrical scissor sweep today that had my opponent about 3 feet of the ground. Success! Anway, when I went for this sweep again, he based with this foot. I gripped his right collar with my right hand and his right sleeve with my right hand. When I had this grip, he stood up with his right foot to keep from being swept and to fight for his posture (fighting against me pulling him down with my collar grip).
Now bear in mind that I've been thinking about this transition for weeks, but I kept forgetting to go for it. Today, I went for it and it worked beautifully! With my partner on his right foot and left knee from this same side sleeve and collar grip, I brought my left foot underneath his right leg (almost as though I am putting myself into halfguard), and I wrapped my left leg around his right leg, placing the heel of my left foot into his right hip establishing Single Leg X Guard (1 leg x). From 1 leg X I easily swept my partner. I did it once more later in the session, and again it worked like a charm. I really think I am on to a great 1 leg X guard entry for my own game. Now this entry seems pretty standard/basic, and it is nothing revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, my excitement comes from finally beginning to implement this strong position into my game and finding an awesome entry into the position that really works for me.

Head Hunting

I ended the rolling session with about 30 minutes (at least) of rolling with Nick "The Goat" Thompson. From my earlier training journal entry with him, I remembered that I really couldn't let his weight settle on me. So today, I really made it a point to keep moving from on bottom. I kept kicking my feet around trying to keep him from controling them. And when he tried to settle his weight, I would use my hands to either push in him to off balance him, or just to mess with his arms so he couldn't establish the position he wanted. However, he shortly found a very strong answer for this. He stayed on my head. No matter what position we here in, he would find a way to control my head. When he was in my closed guard, he used the "can opener" to force me to open it. As he tried to pass and I started to stop him, he wrapped my head as though going for a guillotine. Now he wasn't going to finish the guillotine from top half guard and we both knew it, but this stopped me from being able to create space, and it kept me in a very uncomfortable, scrunched up position. When I was in his closed guard, he sat up as though going for the hip bump sweep, and when I stuffed it, he immediately wrapped the head for the guillotine again. He didn't finish a single guillotine on me today, but he had my on the ropes and either constantly defending a guillotine choke or constantly making me fight to keep his pressure off of my head. Not only does this teach me / remind me to always make sure I am controling what happens to my own head, but I can steal a page out of his play book and start working it for myself and seeing how it works with my game.

I'm racking up quite a bit of techniques/concepts to work on. I'm going to need more mat hours to try to keep up on all of this.