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2/24/16 - Working passes for all sorts of challenging guards! Learned a lot!

2/24/16 - Gi

Passing Spider & Lasso guard

I've once again decided to work on passing the spider guard with 1 leg lasso. During the drilling, my partner started giving me minimal resistance, and my passes started to fail. This forced me to look for other alternatives rather than things I have seen on videos. While trying to improv a way to unravel and pass the spider lasso guard, I stumbled upon one method that seemed stronger than the rest, and even better when worked in with different breaks. Using them all together one after the other worked very well. The one I really thought worked best goes as follows:

From Spider lasso guard (Spider hook in left bicep, right arm wrapped in a lasso), I place my right hand on the back of thigh/hamstring of the leg that is lasso'ing that arm. With my left hand, I grab the outside of the pant's leg. I then drive my right hand into the back of his thigh as I step my right leg back and pull my right shoulder back. This creates enough space for my left arm to push his spider hook leg across my body. With my left arm now free, I am free to place my knee on the the hand/grip being used on my right sleeve, and pull my right arm free. then I am free to pass.

Passing De La Riva Guard

I also drilled some DLR guard passes. All of the ones I drilled had to do with squaring up, and turning the knee outwards to release the DLR hook. However, when tested with live resistance, this did not go as planned. My training partner was able to turn me using the DLR hook and off balance me enough that I was unable to square back up in a stable base. I was still able to pass almost every time, but it was always a scramble and always ugly. In my next training session, I should try working from DLR again and maybe try passing using back-stepping techniques and see how that goes.

Passing X guard

Another guard I decided to work into the mix was X guard. I decided to use X guard because I have been swept with X guard a few times in tournaments, so it must be one of my weaknesses. I had a great idea for an X guard pass which worked well when drilling, but didn't work great when resistance was added. However, I made just a small adjustment, and that made a huge difference in the success rate of my pass.

so from X guard, I would grab my opponent's top foot and drive it down to trap my opponent's bottom foot. With both feet trapped, I could easily high step over the legs and fall into North South for the Pass. However, in live rolling, I wasn't able to control the foot. I remedied this by placing one hand on the foot like I was doing before, but now with my other hand, I would reach between my legs and place it on top of the shin of my opponent's top leg. Now I could get better control and downward pressure on the leg by driving down on the shin which would create enough room between my opponent's foot and my leg. With this space I could get my hand on the foot better, and I could use both hands to drive the top leg down to trap the bottom foot. From there, the pass was easy. It was very exciting to work that problem out and solve it so efficiently.