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2/22/16 - Triangle Choke Escapes. Building a tolerance to Kryptonite.

2/22/16 - Monday (Gi)

Drilling and working on my triangle choke escapes

This morning, I was in the gym early and there was only me and one other training partner there. We each drilled our own thing, and I chose to drill Triangle Choke escapes. I picked several escapes to try and asked him which ones felt the strongest, and then focused on drilling those stronger ones at length.

I had the following Escapes that I tried (from a full, figure-4 locked triangle, Not just ankles crossed)

  1. Knee (same side as free arm) into/over hip and onto stomach, then posture.
  2. Knee in hip as before, grip free arm into opposite side collar, then step around head and spin
  3. Same side leg, step straight over body and spin
  4. Grab their same side sleeve with free arm. Put same side leg in their same side armpit and extend

Out of these techniques, the feedback I received was that #2 and #4 were strongest. I drilled those a ton and got comfortable with them. Then we did live situational rolls. During this time, I started in a fully locked Triangle choke with my head being pulled down. Each time I was able to escape (using either #2 or #4). The strongest escape in my opinion was #4. I would try other techniques but would often end up having to resort to that techniques, but it worked great. However, after doing it with resistance several times, my back started to hurt, so I need to be careful with using that one too much.

We did some live rolling afterwards. During live rolling, I would intentionally put myself into triangle chokes, and once again techniques #2 and #4 proved useful. I need to remember these strong escapes for when I need them. I'm very happy I took the time to work on my weakness today from a terrible position.

*Note* I also got incredibly tired escaping from Triangle chokes for 4 straight minutes. I need to figure out how to do these techniques, while conserving energy and maintaining an airway so I don't tire when I may be forced to do it in competition. I also need to see if I can do these same techniques Nogi and the best way to translate them to Nogi.