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4/18/16 - A potential new trick for my RNC, My evalution of my "knees first passing" , and pushing the pace

The biggest and most exciting news for today is a cool little trick that I used to solidify my RNC. I am super excited about this. I also review my success (or lack of) with my knee's first passing that I learned on Friday, and I made it a point to push the pace at training today which I am learning is definitely a weak part of my game that I need to work on if I want to be able to be competative at the highest levels. I need to learn to stay safe in the chaos of a fast paced, frenzied roll.

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4/15/16 - Passing knees first, side control pressure and dominant control,

Trying a different kind of passing style for me that could prove very effective, and working on my positional control and pressure from side control with pretty good success. I also figured out a great way for me to keep my head extremely tight to my opponent to prevent him from getting his forearm in my face or neck. It's nothing earth shattering, but it's effective.

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3/28/16 - Closed guard failure, controling the feet, the importance of keeping good position, and being a "wet rug"

Some days you're the hammer, and other days... not so much. Had a rough day in training today as I was going with one of our tougher fighters and trying to use only basic techniques and keep my speed low and in check. It didn't go horribly, but I didn't feel great either. On the up side, I was reminded of a couple good things such as the "wet rug" theory.

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